Enduraprene - the eco friendly, ultra-durable TPE


Custom mix of recycled plastic and rubber compounds, TPEEnduraprene is a versatile engineered TPE produced from recycled rubber and plastics. Our patented de-vulcanization process enables our materials to meet or exceed OEM specifications at a lower cost than competing materials. Enduraprene is a superior product when compared to other masticated and rubber “filled” products.

Customized Performance

Custom rubber and plastic compound labEnduraprene can be formulated to emphasize stiffness, flexibility, high/low temperature, strength and chemical resistance in unique compounds that compliment our standard product line.

Finished Parts from One Source

Enduraprene automotive parts and components including HVAC, Side Shields, Belly Pans, Wheel House Liners, Fender Extensions and more.Enduraprene is engineered and fabricated from a single, vertically integrated source – streamlining your supply chain and insuring product integrity. Versatile processing options include:

  • Profile Extrusion
  • Sheet Extrusion
  • Die-cutting
  • Injection Molding
  • Thermal Forming Compression
  • Dual Durometer Designs

Patented Fully Recyclable Process

Recycled plastic and rubber, eco-friendly, earth-friendlyEnduraprene’s patented process cross-links rubber and plastic enabling up to 80% rubber content. Not only does this mean better tear and tensile strength, it allows for better utilization of recycled rubber material. In fact, more than 99% of all production waste material is recycled back into the process.

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