GDC, inc., midwest, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Raw Material Engineering, Product Engineering, Flat and Rotary Die Cutting, Slitting and Lamination, Compression Molding, Injection Molding, Profile Extrusion, Sheet Extrusion, Assembly, Thermoforming, Automotive, Heavy Truck, Agriculture, Commercial Construction, Industrial, Specialty VehicleGDC is a total solutions provider for a wide variety of products and components to a range of industries. From modest beginnings in 1955 die cutting parts for the automotive industry, we have expanded and developed an impressive set of modern engineering, manufacturing and supply management capabilities.

GDC, inc. located in Indiana supplies automotive components to Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and more.
GDC, Inc. is strategically located in the heart of the midwestern manufacturing belt.
As a strong, well capitalized and stable company, GDC, Inc. currently supplies over 20 million parts annually to companies like Ford, Toyota, GM, John Deere and more. Our excellent reputation for integrity and a long track record of steady growth has continued even during times of uncertain economic and industry conditions.

World Class Engineering and Development

auto and automotive parts and components with creative engineering and stringent quality control.
Our engineers blend creative solutions with a relentless attention to detail.
Because of our well-earned reputation to “out engineer” anyone in the industry, our customers frequently present us with their most difficult challenges. From functional and performance testing, to efficient material utilization and OEM specification research, GDC’s engineering expertise is second to none. Beyond product development, we often engineer the very raw materials themselves to achieve the desired goals.

A Total Solutions Provider

Custom rubber and plastic compound lab
Our full in-house lab enables fast development of custom compounds.

From securing raw materials and logistics to end user integration and everything in between, GDC, Inc. is truly a total solutions provider. Within our organization, we’ve achieved a level of vertical integration that enables tight coordination and ensures product integrity. Additionally, we have developed an extensive network of partnering suppliers to compliment our capabilities and meet nearly any need imaginable.

Efficient Eco-friendly Production

Our innovative approach extends far beyond the products we develop to our production processes themselves. On average, we’re able to recycle from 80% to as much as 99% of production waste, reducing production cost and environmental waste. What’s more, our Midwestern location offers convenient shipping, below-average energy costs and access to a low-cost, yet highly skilled labor force.

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