Engineered Solutions

Complex Die-Cut Foam

Complex Die-Cut Foam And Adhesive Compound Samples

Engineering Solutions For Automotive Production

GDC has extensive experience producing custom-made, complex products from a wide variety of materials including:

  • closed cell foam
  • open cell foam
  • molded urethane foam
  • felts
  • tapes and adhesives
  • solid rubber
  • sponge rubber

Commons uses:

  • Air intake seals
  • Evaporator seals
  • Condensor seals
  • FOD seal
  • Mucket
  • EV battery separators

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  • Selective adhesive placement
  • Sheet or roll goods
  • Multiple layer capability

Die Cutting

Flatbed Die Cutting

  • Kiss cutting
  • Semi-auto slug removal
  • Sheet or roll goods
  • Adhesive tabs

Rotary Die Cutting

  • High-speed
  • Tight tolerances
  • Selective adhesive placement
  • Economical large volume runs


  • GDC offers endless solutions using our unique products and processes

Reaction Injection Molding

Molded Urethane Foam