Sonozorb SCe

Sonozorb Acoustic Insulation

High-Performance Acoustic Insulation For Vehicles

A Cost-Effective Solution To Controlling Moisture And Sound

Sonozorb SCe is a lightweight, hydrophobic, polypropylene acoustic insulation that is fully recyclable and resistant to mold and mildew. It's best suited for interior hard trim and exterior applications where moisture absorption is a concern.

  • Lighter weight and lower price point than other products
  • Superior loft-retention and performance
  • Partially or fully sealed edges and 3D designs at no extra cost
  • Available in white or black

The Best Value In Acoustic Insulation Today

Sonozorb is a light-weight, durable, and high-loft polypropylene acoustic insulation that deadens sound waves – transforming them into thermal energy.

It's fully recyclable, naturally hydrophobic, mildew resistant, and low cost –making it the best value in acoustic insulation on the market.

Cutting-Edge, Wide-Frequency Sound Absorption Technology

While other insulations force you to compromise, Sonozorb’s micro-fiber structure allows better performance across the frequency range with less trade-offs.

One-Source, From Concept to Delivery

More than just raw material, Sonozorb is fabricated and finished to your specifications. Not only does this streamline your supply chain, it ensures product integrity and performance that can otherwise be compromised by third-party converters. Utilizing industry-leading techniques, we carefully maintain loft throughout the manufacturing process.

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Up to 50 mm


Up to 230° F (110° C)

Attachment Methods

Ultrasonic welding, heat staking, gluing, pressure sensitive adhesive, hot melt

Custom Specifications

We're able to custom tailor performance to meet your precise absorption requirements.


  • Doors
  • Headliners
  • Hard Trim
  • Stuffers
  • Trunk Trim
  • Dash Mats
  • Wheel liners

Material Grades





10 mm

Dual Scrim


14 mm

Dual Scrim

19SCE 19 mm Dual Scrim


25 mm

Dual Scrim

35SCE 35 mm Dual Scrim


45 mm

Dual Scrim